9 Comments to “Why were pyramids built?”

  1. John Mackay

    Dec 3rd, 2010

    The creator of all things was either Re, Amun, Ptah, Khnum or Aten! REPENT !

  2. Sammy

    Dec 16th, 2010

    Idk either. I am doing it for a school project, and would also like to know. If anyone can respond to this I would really appreciate it:) PEACE AND LOVE<3

  3. Nobody important

    Jan 24th, 2011

    1) There is some evidence to support the theory that they may have been ancient powerplants that produced microwaves and AC electricity.

    2) Some people think that they are tombs, but Egyptian coffins dont fit in the supposed burial chambers.

    3) Some think they are observatories

    4) Some think they are just to honour the dead, royalty etc and never served a purpose either practically or spiritiually.

  4. Brianna mackay

    Mar 28th, 2011

    i think they were used for peole who became pharaohs. People like Qin shi hudang and other people like that PEACE AND LOVE BE WITH YOU THROUGH YOUR WHOLE LIFE >3

  5. floliver

    May 11th, 2011

    they were build because of their beliefs and religions. they believed that the pharoah must have the best tomb to go to the afterlife. they may also have been build as a major secret code for someone in the far future to read this code and reddiscover a huge old technology that is hugely advanced to us.thats my thoughts but i have no evidence so its prob not true. i am also doing it for a school project.

  6. Elvis

    Oct 11th, 2011

    IDK i am just doing this project and i need help so ya elvis out peace

  7. prerana

    Oct 22nd, 2011

    Thanks,for the information provided.

  8. cool dude

    Nov 10th, 2011

    i have no idea what a pyramid but, im still cool

  9. cool dude

    Dec 2nd, 2011

    thanks bro for the info.

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